Carpet Cleaning Products & Stain Removal Dangers

You have dropped something on your carpet (or upholstery), and your instinct tells you to grab something to try and remove it as quickly as possible. So your first thought is probably to wipe it up, and then maybe to use a carpet cleaning product that may be wholey innapropriate - even when it may say that it is a carpet cleaning product or stain removal!

Unbeknown to you that magic cleaner that you bought that's hopefully going to save your carpet - could contain something very harsh that could actually ruin it - with NO possibility of returning it back to how it should.

There are 2 major issues with these supermarket available carpet cleaning products - we see these nearly every day.

Carpet Cleaning Products & Stain Removal Dangers

Color Loss

Due to the harsh nature of the cleaning product, it could be quite quick in fading the color. We all know that when you remove color from something, it won't look the same again. Well the expensive carpet or upholstery item is now affected by PERMANENT color loss. Do not make the common mistake of presuming that you have merely made a 'clean patch', it could well indeed be the color that's vanished!

Attracting Dirt

Most of these cleaners are detergent based, and usually quite foamy. Because you are not removing this from the carpet, then it will simply make the area go darker over time as the.

Ruin Upholstery or Carpet

After you have attempted to remove the stain (and been unsuccessful), you may now be considering calling a professional carpet cleaner in the hope that they can now 'sort it out'. But now we have a major problem applying said products can unfortunately cause 'setting the stain'. This means that the stain structure has been altered by the wrong chemical ingredient applied to it. Yes, the cleaning product used may well be a household name - but they certainly are not 'professional' products. So now the professional you called has a very very difficult stain to try and remove. The truth is it may not be able to be removed because it has been 'set' and changed chemically.

Can a small bottle of 'carpet cleaning products' or 'stain remover' costing hundred of dollars? Yes it can, so be warned.

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