Hardwood Floors Maintenance Tips

If you’re a fan of adding a luxurious touch to your home, you must have a penchant for hardwood floors. This is because hardwood floors are classic and old-world and offer a sublime surface as compared to other types of floors.

However, it is a fact that taking care of wood flooring requires much more effort than a marble or tiled floor. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your hardwood floors in perfect condition.

Hardwood Floors Maintenance Tips

Solid hardwood floors repay a little care with a lifetime of value. When you first glimpse a solid hardwood floor, you sense richness, warmth and natural beauty. Gradually, you get to know its distinct personality -- visual harmonies, the traces of history in the forest and in your home.

Basic Care


Speed up the cleaning process by first dusting the floor with a mop that has been treated with a dusting agent to pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair that might scratch the floor surface. Dust is a killer of your wooden floor’s pristine personality.


For weekly or biweekly cleaning, vacuum with a floor-brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner or an electric broom. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar attachment, which can scratch a wood floor's finish.


Only sweeping won’t do the trick. To save your hardwood floor from getting dull, old, and dirty, you need to mop. Mopping doesn’t need to be done on a regular basis. You can plan one or two days in a week to mop your floor to wipe away its dullness and make it shiny again.

You can clean your hardwood floor with just water and a mop. Just make sure you don’t keep the mop too wet as this might damage the wood.

Deep Cleaning

Dirt, oil, and grime build up over time and aren't completely removed by a weekly dust mopping.

There are a number of cleaning liquids available on the market for cleaning hardwood. You can use any of the suitable solutions to deep-clean your floor.

If this is not the case, you can use kitchen ingredients to perform the task. These include a vinegar solution with water and a few drops of natural oils for extra finish. If the weather is humid, operate a ceiling fan or the air-conditioner to speed up drying.

Hardwood Floors: Removing Marks

Consider your floor's finish before trying to remove a mark. If the stain is on the surface, your floor probably has a hard finish, such as urethane. If the stain has penetrated through to the wood, the floor probably has a soft oiled finish -- common in older homes whose floors have not been refinished and resealed. Wipe surface stains from a hard finish with a soft, clean cloth. Never use sandpaper, steel wool, or harsh chemicals on such a surface because they can permanently damage the finish.

The following remedies are for hardwood floors with soft oiled finishes.

  • Dark spots and pet stains: Rub the spot with No. 000 steel wool and floor wax. If the area is still dark, apply bleach or vinegar and allow it to soak into the wood for about an hour. Rinse with a damp cloth.
  • Heel marks: Use fine steel wool to rub in floor wax.
  • Oil-base stains: Rub the area with a soft cloth and dishwashing detergent to break down the grease. Rinse with clear water. If one or more applications don't work, repeat the procedure. Keep children and pets out of the room until you're done. Let the spot dry, then smooth the raised grain with fine sandpaper.
  • Water marks or white stains: Rub the spot with No. 000 steel wool and floor wax. If the stain goes deeper, lightly sand the floor and clean with fine steel wool and odorless mineral spirits.

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