Make Your Tile Flooring Look Like New

When it comes to easy elegance and a clean finish nothing quite makes your living spaces come to life like tile flooring. But with the classic and timeless styling of tile flooring comes the difficult task of maintaining it.

While tile floor lends itself easily to any room’s decor, it can just as easily become a trap for mold and dirt. Unfortunately for homeowners, tile, and to a larger extent its surround grout, can be at times quite difficult to clean completely. And as most people are not so eager to scrub their tile and grout on their hands and knees, most tile floors become perfect traps for dirt and mold.

Use This Checklist For Best Tile Flooring Cleaning

  1. Where are the tiles located? Tiles in the kitchen will be exposed to food and grease and will require a different touch than tiles in the bathroom. There you may find soap scum is a far more likely cleaning culprit.
  2. What type of tile are you trying to clean? The best way to clean porcelain tile may be different than cleaning slate tile. Some products may dull or mar your tiles. Make sure you are using the right tools for the right project.
  3. What is the texture of the tile? Is it bumpy or smooth? Does it have a protective seal? A soft cloth may work with smooth tiles, but for tiles with a little more texture a brush may be a better option for getting into small grooves.
  4. What does the grout look like? Grout is crucial to the longevity of your tile and you want to keep it clean as well. Check to make sure the grout is in good shape; not crumbling or cracked. Grout has the tendency to pick up lots of dirt and grime which can affect the overall look of your flooring. If it is just dirty a deep cleaning may be just the ticket for sprucing things up.

Bringing your floors back to life with a professional cleaning

As tile floors continue to gather more dirt and grime over time, the same luster and shine of your tile flooring begins to fade to darker and inconsistent shades. Nothing spoils a tile floor quicker than dirty grout, beyond at times being unsightly, the growing collections of bacteria and grime can often break down the bonding between tiles, making them more prone to breakage and displacement.

With simple maintenance and regular cleaning, you can easily extend the life of your tile while making your tile floor look new again.

Choosing the Right Professional to Help Return Life to Your Tile Floors…

If you have actually begun to notice that your tile floor has lost some of its sheen or has begun collecting grime deep within the grout, it is time to look into hiring a professional to return your tile floor back to their original sparkle.

And while most intrepid homeowners may be tempted to put aside a weekend for scrubbing their tile floors until they shine, deciding to allow a professional to properly care for your tile floors can save you more than just time but potential thousands in repairs.

More often not, though good with intentions, many home owners irreparably damage their tile flooring by using harmful chemicals that can strip the thin layer of protectant cover each tile and even damage the tile itself. Once damaged, tile floor has little hope returning to its original brilliance with extensive repair.

Though by choosing the right team of professionals to help maintain your tile flooring, you can avoid the hassle of spending countless hours scrubbing on your hands and knees while potentially avoiding a tile floor disaster.

And as your tile flooring and home are potentially the greatest investment you will make within your lifetime, it pays to protect your investment fully and allow professionals to help make your tile flooring look like it is brand new again.

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