Stain Removal

Beyond impressed with Action Flooring and Carpet Cleaning!!! After my beloved German Shepherd became sick all over the carpet, I found Action Flooring. I filled out their Contact Us form on their website around 9pm. Not only did they immediately return my call, they offered to come that night to help me! We ended up scheduling the cleaning for the next day, which was equally as impressive. They arrived and I was blown away by how kind and polite these two men were. Unbeknownst to me, I dropped my car keys while explaining the situation to them downstairs. One man noticed my keys and buzzed upstairs to return them to me; concerned that when I needed my keys, I would never find them. Reading their reviews it is obvious they do a great job at cleaning carpets and I can attest they do! I would call Action Flooring and Carpet Cleaning again, not only for the great job they did cleaning, but for the kind and simple gesture of returning my keys. A small and insignificant detail to many, but not to me.

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