Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Replacement

Some Carpets are designed to last for only 3 years and some for 30 years, but sooner or later your old carpet will have outlived its usefulness and will need to be replaced.

Before you invest in new carpet, you may want to consider the following factors to decide which solution is better: a professional carpet cleaning vs replacement.

Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Replacement


Age is one factor in determining carpet replacement, but the overall longevity of your flooring varies depending on the quality of your rugs how much traffic they handle. Regularly scheduled professional carpet cleanings will preserve and protect your carpet, which extends their lifetime.


If you’ve recently purchased your home and did not choose the existing flooring, you may have incorporated the cost of carpet replacement into your buying price. Sometimes, even when carpets have not quite reached replacement condition, you may opt to buy an updated style. New carpets can complete the look of a renovated room in your home, bringing you more satisfaction and enjoyment of your living space.


Certain types of stains, such as blood, pet urine, and permanent ink, do far more damage than simple mud and dirt stains. If you notice a stain caused by a difficult to remove material on your carpet, you should first take action as soon as you notice the problem. If you can’t remove the stain on your own, consult a professional.

Although a professional can remove many types of common stains from carpets, sometimes the material causing discoloration cannot be completely removed, even with advanced carpet cleaning equipment. If the stain is in a highly visible area, you may then wish to consider replacement.


When carpet color fades or fibers appear worn, your first thought may be replacement. However, dirty carpets can also look faded and worn, especially when not cared for properly. The soapy residue from harsh detergents often attracts even more dirt which in turn makes your carpets look dirty again. Over-wetting rugs can also cause damage. Thus, if your rugs seem to show wear before their time, it may be a good idea to have them cleaned and take note of the level of improvement.


If you’re still unsure about whether or not you should clean or replace carpet, you should give us a call. A professional technician can speak to you about the relative benefits of professional carpet cleaning vs replacement and help you work through this difficult decision.

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