Removing Makeup From Carpet

Every girl has spilled some makeup once or twice.  Hopefully, the spill was on a bathroom counter or tile floor.  If not, you probably know how difficult it can be to remove makeup from carpet.  Makeup can be one of those very challenging products to remove from carpet.

Here’s the first bit of advice to remove makeup from carpet.  First, DO NOT RUB.  Second, keep some WHITE FOAM SHAVING CREAM on hand to remove makeup from carpet.

Basically, foam shaving cream is an air-filled soap.  When used for stain removal it has the benefits of soap without the concentration.  Foam style shaving cream is a lot easier to rinse out than other over the counter cleaning products, meaning it leaves less residue than most cleaning products.  Residue in terms associated with carpet cleaning is the remains of the cleaning product.   It will eventually attract dust and soil, so keeping residue to a minimum is best for your carpet.

Removing Makeup From Carpet Tips

If you spilled a liquid type makeup:

  • Cover the spot with the cotton towel and stand on it. The pressure will assist you in removing more of the spill.
  • Next, get the spill damp with a moist towel.
  • Spray some white, foam shaving cream over the spot.
  • Use the moist towel to rub the spot in a circular motion.  The shaving cream will break down stain.
  • Next, mist the spot with a spray bottle of water or simply wipe the area with a damp towel.

You can repeat this process until the spot is removed or until you are no longer making progress.  Unfortunately, some makeup spill will require a professional to remove them.

If you happened to spill a powder type makeup, start with the vacuum to remove makeup from carpet.  First, use the vacuum to suck up as much of the powder as possible.  Avoid getting the powder makeup wet, until you’ve removed as much as you can with the vacuum.  If any color remains on the carpet fiber, then go ahead and use the shaving cream method to help remove makeup from carpet.

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