Residential vs. Commercial Carpets

If you have ever been in an office environment, no doubt you have noticed the difference between residential vs commercial carpets. There are major differences between the two.

This is something a cleaning professional must keep in mind when approaching a job site, as the style of the flooring will dictate the best form of treatment.

Differences Between Residential vs. Commercial Carpets

Residential Carpets

For residential flooring, comfort is often the first priority. A home is a place where people can relax and enjoy their free time. So, carpet that is intended for residential purposes must be comfortable, appealing to the eye, and quiet.

You will typically find more color and style options among these plush, comfortable options. They often have thicker padding as well, making residential carpets a great place for children to play.

Commercial Carpets

Designed to hold up under the unique stresses of a busy company, commercial grade carpeting lasts much longer than residential carpet would under the same heavy use. The typical lifespan of a commercial carpet can be anywhere from three to ten years.

Commercial carpeting can also be cut in a larger variety of sizes. It is generally less expensive, so it is easier to incorporate into an expansive floor plan.

What’s the best way to clean residential vs commercial carpets?

Carpet cleaning should always be done before the carpets look like it needs it.  Most important thing you can do for your carpets is to vacuum on a regular basis.

Hot water extraction cleaning is by far the most effective method in the industry for both carpets. Most professionals use a truck unit, which uses long solution and vacuum hoses to reach the carpet. The dirty water is deposited in a waste tank located on the truck away from you and your home.

Action Flooring Carpet Cleaning in Omaha

Here at Action Flooring Carpet Cleaning Omaha we provide the best cleaning services to protect your valuable carpet. We take pride in our efficiency and premium services, as well as our dedication to leaving the customer satisfied.

We offer commercial, residential carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and water damage restoration. If you have any questions for concerns, please give us a call.

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