Called a couple local carpet cleaners around Omaha, looking to find someone to get the carpets clean in a house we were closing on. The prices I got quoted for cleaning were pretty much all within the ballpark of one another, Action Flooring included, so I had to look at other factors. I'm a big believer in attitude being a good indicator of what quality of service to expect. Since Wes, the man I spoke to for a quote, was responsive and personable over the phone I decided to go with Action Flooring. He was able to book me an hour after my closing time, and when the closing was push back due to a seller's issue, he had no problem pushing the appointment to later in the night (5pm). Great service in all.

As for the quality of work, I have no complaints. I'm no expert in carpet cleaning, but the cleaning was done quickly (around a 1000 sqft done in an hour), made the carpet (Old thick stuff from a 70s house) look nice and new, and I was charged what he quoted me on.

Long story short, if you're looking to get carpet cleaned in the Omaha area I have no problem recommending Action Cleaning.

Adam Steffes,