Transform Your Used Upholstery

Transform Your Used Upholstery

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Anyone that has done any shopping at garage sales, thrift shops, or antique stores knows that this is true. This is especially true for upholstery. Whether it is bought from a store, or just inherited from a friend, you can find some great used furniture!

But before you bring the furniture back to your home, make sure you do these things first:

  • Preparing your used upholstery to have it properly disinfected.

You never know where a couch has been or exactly what bacteria lives inside of the cushions. There are multiple ways you can disinfect furniture. You can buy sanitizing wipes, aerosol sprays, or use a DIY mixture made of vinegar and warm water. The easiest and most effective way would be to call a team of professionals, like Action Flooring Carpet Cleaning Omaha, to apply a professional-grade sanitizer and get rid of bacteria and germs.

  • Make sure it’s clean from odors

Depending on where the furniture came from, some odors can be so deeply trapped inside the fabric that simply using a fabric freshener or deodorizer won’t get rid of the bad smell. Instead you’ll want to call us to eliminate the odor at the source, instead of just covering the smell temporarily.

Once you have taken these necessary steps, you will feel more comfortable bringing the furniture into your home and you can begin to enjoy your new treasures!

After doing these steps, you’ll be ready to show off your new furniture in your home! For any upholstery cleaning needs, call the experts at Action Flooring Carpet Cleaning Omaha!

About Our Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Services

Your upholstered furniture in your home, from armchairs to sofas, will often receive as much traffic as your carpeting and rugs do. They’re in use day after day, which can leave them stained and dirty. But you will no longer have to worry about these blemishes on your furniture. Our upholstery cleaning is safe for any kind of fabric, from the finest to the toughest of fibers. You will not have to waste your time and money on trying multiple kinds of different cleaners from stores or the internet. We will clean your upholstery right the first time, which means a longer life for your items. Not only will our cleaning services prolong the life of your furniture and other upholstered items, our professional cleaning reaches deep, which takes care of unseen particles that would require a premature cleaning.

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